The Wisdom Way

We lit candles on the hearth as part of our ceremony

For the summer term Open Spirit has been working with Cynthia Bourgeault's book 'The Wisdom Way of Knowing... Reclaiming an Ancient Tradition to awaken the Heart'. In our meditation sessions on alternate Monday afternoons, we have reflected on each of the chapters and taken time to practise the spiritual exercises given, including centering prayer, Lectio Divina and sacred chanting.

We held our second day retreat at the Vicarage on a lovely sunny May day (and looking back from a soggy summer that was a delight in itself!). "The Wisdom Way" retreat day was a "taster" for the wisdom "tools" that Cynthia Bourgeault offered in her book. Drawing on her wisdom teaching of "three centred knowing" (head, body and heart) we started with some time of group reflection on one of the chapters in the book (intellectual centre), leading on to a session of body meditation in the garden (moving centre) and then a time of silent personal reflection (emotional centre). 

Delicious home made nettle soup and scones on a
beautiful hand made plate donated by Open Spirit, Claire
We then carried on the silent time whilst we prepared lunch silently together (drawing on the monastic tradition of prayer and work). It was a real pleasure to experience this shared silent work... and to tuck into the delicious nettle soup and scones that resulted from it!

After lunch Abigail led us into a very profound experience of sacred chanting using a Taize chant, after which we moved into a gentle and quiet closing ceremony. It was a day full of rich practice to help us deepen our spiritual path. 

(Words by Debbie & Sam)


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