A recipe for a deep red wine experience

On alternate weeks we look at a different form of prayer or meditation. On Monday we looked at what is meant by “Lectio Divina”. Translated it means “Sacred Reading”, but really it’s a form of meditative prayer. It originates in the Benedictine monastic tradition, and it’s not hard to imagine a bunch of berobed monks chanting away at bible verses. I can even hear the CD sound of sacred chanting as I write. Stay with the mood but fast forward to a cosy sitting room in Dartington with 4 people curled up on chairs and sofas.  Taking the gospel lectionary reading for the Sunday as we always do, we were delighted to be working with Jesus’ first miracle, turning water into wine. Well all except one of us who, suffering with gout, was not sure about the benefits of this miracle! Here’s the recipe for what we did.
First, read your chosen sacred passage through, slowly, out loud. Then read it silently to yourself a few times, all the time taking it in slowly.
As you are reading, see if any word, image, phrase or response “pops” out. Which words/images are you most struck by?
Then sit quietly and reflect on the word or image you’ve been drawn to – what connections do you make? Is there a personal link for you? What’s the message? This isn’t about thinking – it’s more playful than that  - imagine the scene, take yourself into it and see what happens, dialogue with the person you’re most drawn to, or just see where the words take you as you just sit in silence. Allow about 15 minutes for this time.
Then see if there’s some kind of “drawing together” of your thoughts. You can make it a prayer. Or just sit quietly with the insights you’ve had, allowing them to sink down inside.
Finally, give yourself a few minutes to just “be” – this is the time when we allow ourselves to not do or think anything, just sit in the presence of the Creative Spirit who never fails to surprise, inspire and give us the best.    


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